Embedding a KeyShotXR in iBooks

Deprecated: This feature has been deprecated.

The following instructions describe the process for creating and embedding a KeyShotXR in an iBook using iBooks Author.


You will need the following to embed a KeyShotXR in an iBook:

Creating a KeyShotXR iBooks Widget

To create an iBooks Widget of your KeyShotXR, follow the process below:

  1. Open the Render dialogue by selecting Render from the Toolbar or use Ctrl-P (Windows)/Cmd-P (Mac).
  2. Select the KeyShotXR tab in the Output section.
  3. Check the Create iBooks Widget under the KeyShotXR Control section.

Embedding a KeyShotXR iBooks Widget into iBooks

To use the iBooks Widget, follow the process below:

  1. Open iBooks Author and create a new book or open an existing book.
  2. Locate the iBook Widget you created and drag it to the book, or select Insert, Widget, HTML from the iBooks Author menu.

Your widget will be added to the page. You can verify with the widget inspector by selecting View, Show Inspector, selecting Widget Inspector and choosing the widget.

Viewing a KeyShotXR in an iBook

Viewing the iBook can be done by selecting Preview while an iOS device is connected to the computer. The iBook can also be exported and transferred using iTunes.

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