Basic Image Style


  • Exposure - Determines how affected the scene is by the light. Increasing the EV (exposure value) by 1 will double the amount of light in the image.
  • Gamma - Adjust the image's intensity with gamma. Decreasing the gamma will make the image darker while increasing the gamma will lighten the image.


  • Bloom Intensity - The brightness of the light fringing or glow.
  • Bloom Radius - Determines how far the bloom glow extents in pixels.


The Bloom radius is defined in pixels and this value is not relative to the resloution. This means that the bloom radius will not scale in the Render Output has a larger resolution than the Real-Time View.

  • Bloom Threshold - The clipping of the bloom glow to bright pixels. A value of 0 means no clipping. Larger values focus the bloom on the brightest pixels.


  • Vignette Strength - Determines how strong the vignette is, the higher the value the more solid the vignetting color will seem in the corners.
  • Vignetting Color - Choose the color that the vignette fades into, defaults to black. Click in the color-field to trigger the color selector.

Chromatic Aberration

Chromatic Aberration occurs in real life when the camera lens is unable focus all colors to the same point. This results in colored fringing along the edges of the object. With Image styles you get an approximation of the effect.

  • Aberration Strength - Determines how strong the effect is.
  • Aberration Bias - Controls the color of the distortion.

Known Issue

Using Chromatic Aberration on a model that exceeds the image size may cause artefacts near the edges.

Legacy image styles

If you open a KeyShot 7 scene with Image Adjustments/Effects they will be added as a Basic Image Style

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