KeyShot Cloud Search

KeyShot Cloud has robust search capability. You can use the filters or do a more advanced search using our search syntax.

Sorting and Filters

The search results may be organized using the Order By and the Results Since dropdown menus.

Search Syntax

If you want to perform a more specific search you can use search syntax.

  • Normal Search: term
  • User Search: @username
  • Include: +term
  • Exclude: -term
  • User Likes: L@email/username
  • User Downloads: D@email/username
  • Resource ID search: #resource ID
  • Search phrase: "Search phrase"

You can find examples of the search syntax by clicking the little question mark in the search field.

Resource Details

Click on a resource entry to bring up the details of that specific resource such as the size, description, tags, creator, and more. The details section will also contain the Download button to download the resource to your KeyShot Library, as well as a Report button to flag any resource as offensive or copyright-infringing material.

Compatible Version

When you access KeyShot Cloud from KeyShot, the resources will only be shown if they are compatible with the current version of KeyShot. If you are browsing directly on the site, see the resource details for information about compatible version.

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