Color Management

Compensate for Image Gamma when applying Library Colors
Gamma corrects color values when applying them to a material directly from the Color Library. This will try to keep the appearance of the color in the Library. With this option selected, the color of the material in the Real-time View and in the Library will always match, if you don't change the Image Gamma after applying the color.

Enable Color Management
Enable this option to use ICC color profile files in KeyShot.

Select the folder icon  to load your desired color profile. Both .ICC and .ICM file formats are supported.

The status window will show if the color profile was loaded and color profile created. Select Save Changes to save your color profile settings. To delete the color profile simply remove the file location or disable by unchecking Enable Color Management.

If I activate the Adobe RGB (1998) color profile, why does everything looks great in the Real-time View, but different in the final render?

KeyShot uses the sRGB color profile internally.

The color profile set in the Preferences is only applied to the Real-time View to ensure the color output is correct on your screen.

It is important to note that the rendering is not done in the Adobe RGB. When the color profile is set in Prefererences, the Real-time View output is just translated from sRGB to Adobe RGB to ensure the colors look correct on your screen.

The rendering result will still be in sRGB and is directly saved to the output file as sRGB without applying the color profile.

Since sRGB is a widely used color profile for web applications this is sufficient for most users. And since it's a widely use color profile, most image editing applications are able to translate from sRGB to Adobe RGB for further editing.