Geometry Node Types

The Geometry nodes will transform the shape of your geometry in a non-destructive manner. This way you can always replace the material and the geometry will return to the original shape.


Bubbles in mango juice, Styrofoam displacement, and Gold sprinkle flakes applied to the same model.

Execute Geometry

Geometry nodes are the only nodes that does not update your material in real time when you edit/set them up.
After any edits to the material you make you must "execute geometry" before you can see the effect in the Real-Time View. This can be done in a number of ways.

  • The Execute Geometry Node button in the properties panel will only refresh the current material.
  • The Geometry Nodes button in the Material Graph ribbon will refresh all geometry nodes in the scene.
  • The hotkey Alt+G will refresh all geometry nodes in the scene.
  • In the Real-time View an indicator in the top right corner will show that the scene contains un-executed geometry nodes. Click it to refresh all geometry nodes.