You may log into your user account inside KeyShot Network Monitor from any master, slave, or client computer. Logging into your network account allows you to download and/or delete your completed jobs.

Users can be given additional privileges so they can download and/or delete all jobs, manage user privileges, and edit the slave schedule.

1. Download a job

You do not need to be connected to the network while the job is being rendered. The images will be stored on the master. Next time you connect to the master, with the same user and computer, your finished jobs will automatically be downloaded to the given location. If you log into the monitor on another computer you can manually download your jobs.

To download a job, simply right-click the job in the queue and select Download.

2. Delete a job

To delete a job, or a selection of jobs, select the job(s) in the queue and click the delete button or right-click the job and select Delete.

3. Change priority on a job

To move a job up/down in the queue order, simply right-click the job and select Increase priority of Decrease priority.

Note: If a change in priority moves a processing job down in the queue, the current tasks in process will be finished, but no new tasks will be started on that job, until tasks from jobs with a higher priority are done.

4. Pause a job

You can also pause jobs that are processing. In this case the current tasks will be finished and the job won't be resumed until it is unpaused. You find the pause/unpause options when you right-click a job.

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