The log files keep track of Network Rendering state, information, and potential errors. To enable logging, click on “logging” in the KeyShot Network Configurator and check the “Enable logging” option.

Log Level

Choose at what level to record logs from:

  • Trace - shows all types of log messages
  • Information - no trace but shows warnings, errors, and fatals
  • Warning - no trace and information, but shows warnings, errors, and fatals
  • Critical - no trace, information, and warnings, but shows errors and fatals
  • Fatal - no trace, information, warnings, and errorrs, but shows fatals

Choosing a lower log level will record all other log levels below it.

Days To Keep Logs

Set a cutoff time for saved logs. Any logs that pass the set time frame will be deleted.

Log Location

By default, the logs will be stored in the Network Rendering resources folder in a folder called Logs. The log location can be saved to a different location by selecting the browse button and selecting a new path, e.g., network path etc. This will not change the resources folder for network rendering, only the logs. A log file will be generated for a master service and slave service on the appropriate machine, in this location.

Logs can be accessed via the monitor. Click the Request all current logs button or right-click > Request current log file the slave you want logs from.

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