Clear Your Queue

You can find an archive of all completed jobs on the computer acting as the master. We recommend that the queue is cleared regularly as a large amount of jobs in the queue may impact performance.

Deleting a job via the Monitor will remove it completely from the master, so an administrator can clear the queue directly from the Monitor.

Alternatively, you can delete the jobs via the resources folder on the master.

1. Access the computer acting as the Network Master.

2. Launch KeyShot Network Configurator and go to the Master tab. Then, click Stop to stop the Master service.

3. Open your file browser and browse to KeyShot Network Resources > Master.

  • Default location on Windows: C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\KeyShot8NetworkResources
  • Default location on Mac: /Library/Application Support/KeyShot8NetworkResources

4. Delete all sub folders under the Master folder. These are all the jobs in the queue (done and in-progress).

5. Go back to the KeyShot Network Configurator application and click Close and restart services.