User System & Security

Whether your company is big or small, security is important. KeyShot Network Rendering allows you to set an administrator account, disable image previewing in the monitor, and configure SSL for increased protection of communications, i.e., your creative assets. 

Please note that all security settings must be set inside KeyShot Network Configurator on your master.

User System

With User system you can set up user privileges for Network Rendering. In the Network Configurator on the Master you can set up an administrator account. in the Monitor an administrator can manage jobsmanage user privileges, and set the slave schedules. By managing users, the administrator controls who can submit, download, and/or delete jobs.

Allowing anonymous users means that clients do not need to be signed in to the monitor, to be able so monitor/handle their own jobs, these will be tied to the computer/host name.

If the user system is not enabled everyone connected to the network will have the same abilities as an administrator. 

Disable Image Preview

KeyShot Network Monitor shows you a preview when you select a job in the list. Disabling the image preview ensures that only those involved in asset creation know what the final output looks like.

SSL Settings

You may use SSL to secure communications between master and client systems.

How to set up SSL Settings

1. Launch the KeyShot Network Configurator and select Enable in the SSL settings under the MasterSecurity tab.

2. Browse to your private key and click Open.

3. Browse to your SSL certificate (.pem) and click Open.

4. Click Close and restart services.

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