Network Monitor

KeyShot Network Monitor allows you to interact with the network master, slaves, and jobs in the queue.

1. Delete

Delete your render jobs. Administrators may delete any job. For more information about user priviliges, click here.

2. Slave Status

Show/Hide Slave status panel (7).

3. Login account

Displays the logged in user’s name. For more information about logging in/out, click here.

4. Jobs tab bar

Select My Jobs or All from the sidebar area. You may also filter either of these by jobs that are In Progress or Completed.

5. Render job queue

Lists all render jobs submitted to the network. For more information about handling jobs, click here.

6. Details about the selected job

  • Properties - Displays render job name, type of render, and owner. As well as a small thumbnail of what is rendering/rendered.
  • Preview - Displays image rendering progress.
  • Log - Lists all events related to the job.

7. Slave Status Window

Shows connected slaves, available/allowed cores per slave, and the assigned regions. Possible status are shown below:

  • Ready – the slave is connected and is ready to render.

  • Updating – currently updating software; not available for rendering.

  • Receiving – currently receiving job data for the task to render.
  • Rendering – currently rendering.

  • Sending Results – sending results back to the master.
  • Failed – if the slave fails 3 times it will be made inactive, waiting for an admin to take a look at the situation.

8. Slave Schedules

Show/Hide slave schedules toggle. Slave schedules determine when a slave is active or inactive. For more information, click here.

9. Request all current logs

Download a ZIP file containing logs for all connected slaves.

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