Change Port Numbers

KeyShot Network Rendering uses port number 4797 to connect monitor and master. The slave-master connection uses port 4798. We recommend keeping default port values. However, you may change these ports within KeyShot Network Configurator.

How To Change The Port Numbers

On the master

1. Launch KeyShot Network Configurator on your master and go to the Master tab.

2.  Enter the port numbers under Monitor Client port and Slave port.

3. Press Close and restart services. Your master has been re-configured. Proceed to your slave computers (step 3 below).

On the slaves

4. Launch KeyShot Network Configurator on your slave machines and go to the Slave tab.

5. Change the value under Slave port.

6. Press “Close and Restart Services”.  Your slave service is will restart and it will connect to the new port. Proceed to your client computers.

On the client computers

7.  Launch KeyShot Network Monitor on your client machines. If Connected, then you can stop here. Otherwise proceed to step 8.

8.  Disable Auto detect master and fill in the master hostname (or IP Address) and the queue port.  In this example, the Queue Client port is 4787.

7.  Click Apply.  KeyShot Network Monitor will connect to the master.

Technical Tip:  If the KeyShot Network Monitor application does not look similar to the above image or if you are getting an error message, then you may contact Luxion Customer Support at

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