Client Configuration

So your master configuration is set up. The slaves are connected. What now?  Well, before you can send a job to the network, you need to make sure that your computer can “talk” to the master via the queue-master connection. This queue-master connection must be set up within KeyShot Network Monitor on the client’s side.

Client Configuration Instructions

1. Install

Download and Install KeyShot Network Rendering. Follow the prompts and click Finish.

2. Select Monitor Mode

The configuration wizard appears. Select Monitor only and click Finish (PC) or Done (Mac).

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3. Establish Connection

The KeyShot Network Monitor will launch. By default, the connection is set to auto-detect and connect to the Master. 

You may also disable auto-detecting the master and specify a Master hostname and the correct Monitor port number, if you wish to specify the Master.

Click Apply. KeyShot Network Monitor will connect to your master.

You can always change your connection settings under  File > Connection Settings.

4. Render...

You can now render over the network.


If KeyShot Network Queue cannot connect to your master, then you may contact Luxion Customer Support at for further assistance.