Additional Features and Improvements

The additional features and updates are also included in KeyShot 9:


  • Expanded file formats available in Preferences > General > Screenshot and in the system dialog that shows when "Ask where to save each screenshot" is enabled.
  • New option in the Render menu for "Copy Screenshot to Clipboard" with the ability to assign a custom hotkey via Preferences.


  • Duplicate with Ctrl/Cmd+W, select part(s) in the Real-time View or the Scene-Tree and press Ctrl/Cmd+W will create a copy of the part(s) in the same group/model as the original.

Geometry Shaders

  • Flakes (Pro) - A new option for Keep Original to embed flakes within its parent surface material means you are no longer required to duplicate geometry to achieve this result.

KeyShot Cloud

  • Tag search - it is now possible to search by tags in KeyShot Cloud. Use the # before the tag in the search bar. If you want to find a specific Resource ID you now have to use the $ before the ID (this was previously #).
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