Pro Floating Quick Start Setup

KeyShot Pro Floating - Server Installation

All license management applications utilize the latest FlexNet licensing tools by Flexera Software LLC. KeyShot Pro Floating and KeyShot License Manager are both provided by Luxion Inc. Please follow the instructions below to install the license server and have your license file issued.

During license setup, you will install the server on a single computer in your network. This computer will host your license file and will be referred to as the license server. Note: The server must be a local central server - a dedicated machine for the FlexNet server software to be installed on and powered on and connected to the network at all times.

Before You Begin

Your KeyShot Pro Floating license will be sent via email. If you have a previous installation, please save the license file to your license server folder (e.g. C:\FlexLM on Windows) overwriting the previous file. If you changed the port number in the original file, please make sure your new license reflects that. It is important to note that the latest client software installation requires the latest KeyShot license server software. Without the latest license server software, KeyShot will display an "unknown error".

1. Download the license server software

KeyShot License Server - Windows
KeyShot License Server - MacOS
KeyShot License Server - Linux

2. Install the license server

  1. Download and unpack the server software on the machine that will host the licenses.
  2. Start the server software.
  3. The server software will automatically provide the Host Name and the Host ID.
  4. Send the following information to
    • Company name
    • Serial code
    • Computer Host name
    • Computer MAC Address

How to Restart a Windows Server

  1. Go to the server’s C:\FlexLM folder
  2. Launch LMTools.exe
  3. Go to the START/STOP/REREAD tab
  4. Enable Force Server Shutdown
  5. Click Stop Server and wait for the server to stop
  6. After a minute, click Start Server

The service will restart. Client computers will be able to connect as usual.

How to Restart a Mac Server

  1. Launch KeyShot License
  2. Make sure to select Install License File
  3. Click Browse and browse to your new license file
  4. Click Stop
  5. Click Start/Restart

The service will restart. Client computers will be able to connect as usual.

How to Restart a Linux Server

Using the command line on a Windows system running the FlexLM license server:

  1. Stop server: Enter
    lmutil lmdown -c [path to license file]
  2. Start server: Enter
    lmutil lmgrd -c [path to license file]

The service will restart. Client computers will be able to connect as usual.

How to move the license server

Should you need to move the KeyShot Floating license server to a new computer, please follow the following instructions to ensure you are up and running quickly.

  1. Follow the steps above for installing the license server on the new machine.
  2. Send the following information to
    • Old license file
    • New Computer Host name
    • New Computer MAC Address
    • Letter on company letterhead stating the old license server will be removed.

We will usually send your license file within 24 hours during business days (Mon-Fri). Should you have any questions please contact us at

KeyShot Pro Floating - Client Installation

1. Gather Server Information

Before installing, make sure that the KeyShot Floating license server has been installed on a computer in the network and gather the following information from that computer:

  • Computer Host name
  • Computer IP Address

2. Install KeyShot

Install the KeyShot Pro Floating (FL) client software on all the user's computers. You can download KeyShot here.

3. Enter Server Information

When first installed, the KeyShot Floating client application will ask you to Specify the License Server System.

Windows - Enter the Computer Name at the first prompt
Mac - Enter [port number]@[server's IP address] (e.g. 27000@

KeyShot Pro Floating will remember the server location from now on. For more information please refer to the relevant section for your installation in the Pro Floating Installation manual.

If you have any questions, please contact

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