License Server Installation (Linux)

The instructions below will walk you through the typical first-time license service setup on Linux. Our licensing team will provide you with a license file and the appropriate software links. You may reach our licensing team at

License Server Setup Instructions

If you are running RedHat Linux skip steps 3, 4 and 5.

1. Download and unzip the "" file into the your home folder ("/home/<your username>" or "~/")

2. Open the terminal (usually Ctrl + Alt + T) and change your current directory to the luxion_flexlm folder ("~/luxion_flexlm")

cd luxion_flexlm/

If you are running RedHat Linux skip the next 3 steps.

3. Run the following command:

ls -l /lib64/ld*

4. Take note of the return value before the arrow (highlighted in the picture).

5. Run the following command where <value from step three before the arrow> is the value from step 3 before the arrow.

sudo ln -s <value from step 3> /lib64/

6. Move your license file to your luxion_flexlm folder, where your file would have your computer name instead of MyCompany.

mv ~/Desktop/keyshot_floating_MyCompany.lic ~/luxion_flexlm/

7. Run the following command to make sure everything is executable.

sudo chmod 766 *

8. Run the following command to star the service, where your file would have your computer name instead of MyCompany.

./lmgrd -C keyshot_floating_MyCompany.lic

9. Run the following command to check the service status:  

./lmstat -a

The lmstat output will confirm that the license server is up. The output message will also show you how many license seats are issued (available).

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