KeyShot Toolbar

The Toolbar provides quick and easy access to the most common windows and features in KeyShot.  The center grouping of icons provides a general order of operations when working in KeyShot from Import to Render. You can right-click on the Toolbar for icon size options and the ability to disable text. Click and drag on the handle on the left side of the Toolbar to tear it off from the main window to leave it floating or to dock along the top or either side.

Cloud Library
Opens the Cloud Library window. See Cloud Library for more details.

Opens the browse to file dialog to import scenes and 3D data into KeyShot. See Working With Models for more details.

Opens the Library window. See Library Window section for more details.

Opens the Project window. See Project Window for more details.

Opens the Animation Timeline and Animation Properties window. See Animation Timeline for more details. Note that Animation is a KeyShot Pro feature.

Opens the KeyShotXR Wizard. See KeyShotXR for more details. Note that KeyShotXR requires the KeyShotWeb add-on to be installed, otherwise the icon will be disabled.

Enters full-screen Presentation Mode. This button is only displayed on the Toolbar for KeyShot Pro users, if the Configurator has been set up in the scene. See Configurator for more details.

If you have KeyVR installed this button will bring your model into KeyVR with a single click. Visit the KeyVR manual to learn more.

Opens the Render window. See Render for more details.

Takes a Screenshot of the Real-time view and saves it to your Renderings resources folder.