Image Tab

Resolution (1)

The Resolution can be set in specific pixels or with a fixed ratio. You can also choose from a number of standard presets - and even add your own presets to suit your workflow.

The Resolution page offers more details.

Image Styles

Image Style List (2)

The Image Style List allows you to create multiple Image Styles in the same scene.

Add Image Style - Adds a new Image Style to the list.

Duplicate Image Style - Adds a copy of the current Image Style to the list.

Delete Image Style - Deletes the current Image Style.

Image Style type (3)

Basic - Almost identical to the Image Adjustments and Image Effects options in previous versions of KeyShot. If you open a legacy scene with Image Adjustments/Effects they will be added as a Basic Image Style. See the Basic Image Style page for details.

Photographic - Offers more versatile adjustments e.g via Tone Mapping and Curves. See the Photographic Image Style page for details.

Properties (4)

This is where you set up the current Image Style - Learn more in the Image Styles section.

Note: In KeyShot 8 the Region Rendering settings have been moved from the Image tab to the Ribbon - see more on the Render Region page.

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