Hiding And Showing Parts

In some cases, materials may need to be assigned to parts that are enclosed in or hidden behind other pieces of geometry. In such cases hiding a part/model may com in handy.

Hiding Parts.

  • Right-click on a part/selection of parts/model in the Real-time View and select Hide Part/Selection/Model.
  • Use the hotkey modifier Ctrl+Alt+Click (windows) and Cmd+Alt+Click (mac)
  • Click the icon in the Scene Tree.

A single part/selection of parts can be isolated, by clicking Show Only in the context menu. This will hide all other parts in the scene (except locked parts).

Showing Parts

To display a hidden part,

  • Right-click in the Real-time View and select Undo Hide.
  • Click the  icon in the Scene Tree.

You can also bring back all previously hidden parts by selecting Show All Parts in the Real-time View context menu

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