Animation Types


Timeline appearance

Each animation type will appear with a color in the Animation timeline.

  • Part animation are green.
  • Material animations are red.
  • Camera animations and switch events are blue.

You can add folders to structure your animations, these are yellow in the timeline.

Furthermore you can import models that contain animations such as Keyframe animations and Deformable meshes. These will appear as purple and orange nodes.

On this page

Time Settings

Common for the animation types (except Curve Fade animations*) are the Time Settings, where you can control the timing and duration of your animation.

Motion Ease
Select if you want the add motion ease to the animation - see the Motion Ease types.

Set the start time for the animation

Set the end time for the animation

the duration will automatically be calculated from the Start and End time. Alternatively you can enter the Duration and Start time - This will automatically fill the End time.

*Curve Fade animations have the easing "built in" to the type itself. learn more on the Animation Node Types page.