Deformation Animations

A model deformation is any change in the model's shape: twists, expansions, contractions, and character rigging.

These types of animations required advanced techniques available in CAD packages such as Maya and 3DS Max. While KeyShot does not offer a "deformation" animation, it does still support deformations set up in CAD and exported to an Alembic (.ABC) file.

How to import your deformation animations from an Alembic file:

1. Click the Import button (or File > Import) in KeyShot.

2. Browse to your Alembic (.ABC) file and click Open.

3. From the KeyShot Import dialogue > Animation enable Deformable Meshes and confirm your Import

4. Click Play in the animation timeline to play a preview in real-time. You may also click and drag the time scrubber in the timeline.

The file will import and appear as an animation node on the Animation Timeline where it may be positioned and re-sized.