KeyShotXR gives you the ability to turn your 3D renderings into interactive visuals. With KeyShotXR, you can create and present high-quality, touch-enabled, 3D content in any web browser. The content can be viewed using touch-enabled devices (or mouse) and does not require a browser plugin to work.

KeyShotXR is part of the KeyShotWeb add-on, which can be purchased here

How is KeyShotXR different from other 360° viewers?

KeyShotXR goes beyond the standard 360° turntable viewing capability of other viewers. With KeyShotXR you can:

  • Create turntable, spherical, hemispherical, tumble and animated interactive visuals.
  • Use the camera as a pivot point to create a first person point-of-view or panoramic shot
  • Ensure your visuals provide high-quality, scientifically accurate material and lighting representation
  • Have full control over your visual with advanced features and customization
  • Export direct to Apple iBooks for use on both iPad Retina and iPad Mini

Learn more and see examples here