The KeyShot Configurator is a feature available in KeyShot Pro for presenting model and material variations in real-time for design reviews and interactive point-of-sale displays. 

KeyShot Configurator Wizard

The  Configurator Wizard can be accessed from the Ribbon. If it is not immediately visible there, right click on the ribbon and enable it.
The Wizard guides your through the setup of Parent Models, Components, and their relationships. You can also define Material Variations and Material Ways to set up relationships between materials within Multi-Materials. The wizard also lets you add Studios to have preset camera angles and environments, and finally it gives you an option to customize the layout.

Configurator Output

When you have set up your configuration, you can

  • View it in Presentation mode, inside KeyShot - Press the Presentation mode button in the Toolbar or press Shift+F to enter Presentation mode.
  • Share it for viewing in KeyShot Viewer - Save a .ksp, either via the regular Save package in the Main Menu. Or via the Save for KeyShot Viewer, if you want to protect the file with a password or add logo/watermark. Learn more about KeyShot Viewer.
  • Create a webpage, which you can include on your site.*1 - Select Configurator > Web Configurations in the Render dialog
  • Create an iBook Widget, which can be used on iPhone/iPad.*1 - Select Configurator > Web Configurations, iBook in the Render dialog
  • Render images of all possible configurations. - Select Configurator > Images in the Render dialog

*1 The webpage/iBook widget will have the same UI as Presentation mode/KeyShot Viewer in terms of selecting the model variations etc. but it will not offer camera movement. These options require the KeyShot Web add-on.

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