KeyShot Cloud Release Notes


  • Support of the new Model resource type (KeyShot 9 onwards)
  • Support rendering Models with thumbnail generator
  • Fixed background card color for selected resources
  • Fixed a few SQL query errors
  • Preserve query-string when logging out so language selection isn’t lost
  • Deny info endpoint on Models for KS 8 and earlier
  • Expose KS major version in API endpoints
  • Improvements to the thumbnail generator
  • Resource name links to the specific resource
  • Proper escaping of characters when using the site search
  • Eliminate white space between asset cards with varying aspect ratios
  • Force cache invalidation of JS/CSS for every new site version
  • Various tool and code speedups
  • Compressed our PNGs further 11% with PNG Crush
  • Migrated to PHP 7.3


This is a rejuvenated version of KeyShot Cloud which has a lot of updates, fixes, and improvements since version 1.0.25.

  • KeyShot Cloud launches directly in the KeyShot user interface as a dockable window (KeyShot 8 only).
  • When viewing in KeyShot, it only shows materials that are compatible with the version of KeyShot.
  • Login is no longer needed to browse the site and download resources! (It is, however, needed for uploading new resources and for user actions such as liking assets or browsing likes and downloads.)
  • Login prompt shown instead of redirecting to login page (when not shown inside KeyShot).
  • Correctly identify if site is running inside KeyShot or not.
  • "My Downloads" and "My Likes" browse options show only when logged in.
  • Download link exposed on download button.
  • Support searching for resources via ID: #ID. Example: #123
  • Removed upload modal dialog - now located in KeyShot.
  • Use active type for initial resource count instead of always materials.
  • Simplified registration process to avoid confusion.
  • Simplified password reset (account recovery) process to avoid confusion.
  • Dragging the thumbnail, in details view, to KeyShot will drag the link instead.
  • Toggle password visibility for login.
  • CSS fallbacks to support KeyShot v5 (older web engine).
  • Show compatible KeyShot version for materials in details view (though it's hidden for version <= 5).
  • Commenting has been disabled.
  • Squashed various bugs.
  • General improvements.


  • Implemented account deletion under account settings in relation to GDPR.
  • Updated thumbnail generation.
  • Various other fixes.
  • Approval process for newly upload resources.
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