Set Camera Target

What does Set Camera Target do?

With the Set Camera Target tool you can select the point to where the camera is oriented.

When you have selected a camera target, Tumble will revolve the camera around this point and Dolly will make the camera move closer/farther away from it - even if the camera has been panned, so the target is no longer in the center of the Real-time View.

You can set the camera target in 2 ways:

  • via the Tool
  • via the Real-time View Context menu

How to Set Camera Target with the tool

  1. Launch the  Set Camera Target tool in the Tools section of the Ribbon. This will bring out a widget, where you can choose what you want as your camera target:
  2. Select what to target
    • Point: This will make the clicked point on the surface, the camera target.
    • Model: This will make the center of the clicked model, the camera target - note that all groups in the Scene Tree are considered models, but Set Camera Target will use the top level model.
    • Part: This will make the center of the clicked part, the camera target.
  3. Click in the scene to set the camera target.
  4. when you are happy, close the tool by clicking the green check mark. If you want to revert to the camera target from before the tool was launched, clock the red X.

Set Camera Target via the Real-time View context menu.

  1. Right click an object
  2. Select Select Camera Target this will make the clicked point on the surface the camera target.

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