KeyShot for VStitcher Plugin

Version: 1.5

These installation notes are specific to the latest version of the KeyShot for VStitcher plugin unless otherwise mentioned. For questions about other versions, please contact support@luxion.com.




The KeyShot for VStitcher plugin requirements are as follows:

  • VStitcher 8.0 or VStitcher 2019 and above
  • KeyShot 9 (Try | Buy)
  • Windows 64-bit
  • macOS (tested with 10.14 only)

Supported Features

The KeyShot for VStitcher plugin supports these features:

  • Support for simulated cloth meshes
  • Maintain color and texture assignment

Special Notes

LiveLinking is not supported. Each time the plugin is used, a new instance of KeyShot opens.


  1. After downloading, double-click the .exe (Windows) or .pkg (MacOS) file.
  2. Follow the prompts inside the installation wizard and click Close.
  3. For activating the plugin in VStitcher see https://support.browzwear.com/VStitcher/preferences.htm. The plugin is placed at the location of the default plugin folder

KeyShot Plugin Menu

Once installed and activated, a KeyShot plugin menu will appear inside VStitcher in the plugin menu.

How To Use The Plugin

  1. Create a garment in VStitcher and dress the avatar
  2. Click the KeyShot plugin menu item to transfer the 3D data from VStitcher to KeyShot



You may uninstall the KeyShot plugin from the Windows Control Panel, Programs, Programs and Features.

Note: VStitcher must be closed when uninstalling the plugin


  1. In VStitcher open Preferences and go to Plugins.
  2. Hover the mouse over the plugin, a folder icon will then appear in the Location column.
  3. Push the folder icon and delete the folder of the plugin.
  4. Restart VStitcher.
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