Fusion 360

KeyShot for Fusion 360 Plugin

Version 1.0

These installation notes are specific to the latest version of the KeyShot for Fusion 360 plugin unless otherwise mentioned. For questions about other versions, please contact support@luxion.com.



The KeyShot for Fusion 360 plugin requirements are as follows:

  • Fusion 360 (Download)
  • KeyShot 9 (Try | Buy)
  • Windows 8,10 or macOS 10.10 or later

Plugins for previous versions of KeyShot are available here.

Supported Features

The KeyShot for Fusion 360 plugin supports all of these features:

  • Maintain color assignments on the part level
  • Maintain assembly structure
  • Model Update / Retain Settings



After downloading, double-click the installer (.exe) file. Follow the prompts and click Finish.


After download, right-click .pkg installer file and select Open. Click Open once more, then follow the prompts and click Close.

KeyShot Command

Once installed, one KeyShot command will appear inside Fusion 360.

Render In KeyShot
Click Render in KeyShot to launch KeyShot. The 3D data will be transferred from Fusion 360 to KeyShot. 

Note: The plugin will only work if KeyShot is installed on your computer.

How To Use The Plugin

  1. Open your scene or model in Fusion 360 and launch KeyShot.
  2. Click the Render In KeyShot8 button on the Application Bar. The 3D data will be transferred from Fusion 360 to KeyShot. 
  3. To update any changes made in Fusion 360, click the button again, and it will update the scene.

Additional Information

You can update your scene in KeyShot after making changes to the model. These changes include:

  • Geometry changes
  • Geometry and model transformations
  • Assembly, Sub-assembly, Part and Surface name changes

Note: Animation, Scripting, and NURBS ray tracing features are only available in KeyShot Pro.



To uninstall the plugin, run the same installer that was used to install the plugin. Running the installer this second time will provide the option to remove the plugin from Fusion 360.


  1. Open Fusion 360
  2. Go to Toolbar > Add-ins > Add-ins.
  3. Right-click the KeyShotAddin and select Remove.

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