KeyShot for Onshape Connector

Version 1.3

These installation notes are specific to the latest version of the KeyShot for Onshape connector unless otherwise mentioned. For questions about other versions, please contact support@luxion.com.



The KeyShot for Onshape connector requirements are as follows:

  • Onshape account (create)
  • KeyShot 9 (Try | Buy)
  • Windows 8,10 64-bit or macOS 10.10 or later

Plugins for previous versions of KeyShot are available here.

Supported Features

The OnShape connector supports all of these features:

  • Maintain color assignments on the part level
  • Maintain assembly structure
  • Model Update / Retain Settings
  • Share and collaborate in Onshape
  • NURBS import*

*requires KeyShot Pro


The KeyShot for Onshape connector lives inside KeyShot. Thus, to use the plugin, KeyShot must be installed on your computer. Download the latest KeyShot update here.

1. Open KeyShot.

2. Go to File, Connect to Onshape

3. Your web browser will take you to the Onshape login page. Enter your email and password. Click Authorize Application.

4. Onshape will grant you access and provide you with an access code. Copy and paste the access code into KeyShot and click Connect

5. KeyShot and Onshape are now connected. Your Onshape documents will appear inside KeyShot under My Documents

KeyShot Plugin Menu

You may connect to Onshape from File, Connect to Onshape inside KeyShot. The Onshape connector window has the following options: Open, Upload, Import, and Update.

Click the Open button to navigate your way through the workspace list and select the contents of your model.

Click the Upload button to upload your current KeyShot scene to Onshape as either a .bip or .ksp file.

Click the Import button to import any Part Studio or Assembly model from Onshape into KeyShot.

Click the Update button while an existing KeyShot scene is open to update any changes on your Onshape model.

How To Use The Plugin

1. Open KeyShot.

2. Go to File, Connect to Onshape and Sign In.

3. Select your document from the document list and click Open to open the Main workspace. Click Open once more. Make sure Add to Scene is selected under your document's import options and click Import. KeyShot will load your Onshape 3D model.

4. To update any changes made in Onshape, select Update Geometry, and click the Import button. All materials, textures, labels, animations, transformations, cameras, and lighting in the scene will be preserved. 

5. To add more documents to your KeyShot scene select your document from the document list and click Open. Click Open once more, then Add To Scene and Import.


You may uninstall the KeyShot for Onshape connector from the Windows Control Panel, Programs, Programs and Features.