Floating License

The floating license setup allows a group of users to share a pool of licenses, that are available from a floating license server on a local network.

You can use a floating license whenever you are connected to the license server. If you need to use KeyVR without having access to the license server, you can borrow the license while you are still connected and use it “offline” for a limited period.

Setting up the floating license server

The server must be a local central server – a dedicated machine for the Luxion License server software to be installed on. And it must be powered on and connected to the network at all times.

The following section will cover the basic installation. For an advanced setup or troubleshooting, please visit the KeyShot manual.

  • Download and unpack the server software on the machine that will host the licenses.

  • Start the Luxion license server.

  • Select Request License and enter the following info (the Host Name and MAC address will be auto filled with the information from the current machine)

    • Name

    • Company name

    • Serial code

    • Computer Host name

    • Computer MAC Address

  • Send the information to license@luxion.com either by pressing Email which will generate an email in your default email app or by selecting Copy to Clipboard if you want to handle it manually.

If you already have a floating license server with KeyShot licenses, and want to run KeyVR from the same license server, please mention it in the request mail (or contact license@luxion.com) and we will provide you with a license file that covers both products.

  • When you get the license file from us, launch the license server and select New License under the Install License tab.

  • Browse to the License file and select Open

  • Select Start Service and now users can start using your KeyVR licenses.


How to Restart a Windows Server

  • Go to the server’s C:\FlexLM folder

  • Launch LMTools.exe

  • Go to the START/STOP/REREAD tab

  • Enable Force Server Shutdown

  • Click Stop Server and wait for the server to stop

  • After a minute, click Start Server

The service will restart. Client computers will be able to connect as usual.

Connecting to the floating license server

When the license server is up and running, you need to connect to it, to activate KeyVR on your computer.

  1. Download and Install KeyVR.

  2. Launch KeyVR.

  3. In the Registration dialog select Activate my license and press Next.

  4. Select I want to use a floating license and Press Next.

  5. Enter the License server connection information (Hostname or IP address) and press Connect.

  6. When successfully connected, you can press Finish and you are ready to use KeyVR.

Next time you launch KeyVR it will try to connect to the same license server. If that is not successful you can choose to connect to another license server or press cancel, which will bring out the registration dialog again. You can also change the license server while KeyVR is running from Help > License information.

Borrow license

If you know that you will need to use KeyVR in a situation where you are unable to connect to the license server, you can Borrow the license while you are still connected to the license server. This will allow you to use the license for a limited period. The Borrowed license needs to be returned to the server, before anyone else can use it.

  1. In the main menu select Help > Borrow

  2. Select the period you need to borrow the license for.

  3. Now the license is borrowed by your computer and cannot be used by anyone else. You can see the borrow period in Help > License information.

Returning a borrowed license

Whenever you want to return a borrowed license you simply select Help > Return borrowed license and the license will be available on the server again.