Moving in the scene

Your headset will detect your movement and rotation, but sometimes you need to move in directions/distances that are not possible/practical with the headset. That is why there are 3 additional ways to move around in KeyVR. You can teleport, fly or jump to a predefined spot (KeyShot camera).

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Fly mode lets you move fast in any direction in KeyVR.

Set one of the controllers in Fly mode. Aim it in the direction you want to move and press the trigger. Control the speed by adjusting the pressure on the trigger. Use the controller's track-pad or analog stick to smoothly rotate while in fly mode.

If you feel dizzy when using the fly mode, try to reduce the field of view in the accessibility settings in the KeyVR Preferences. Also in the preferences, you can select to Confine VR view to environment which will prevent you from flying out of the bounds of the environment, both in regards to the staying inside the environment sphere and above the ground (if the environment has Flatten Ground enabled in KeyShot).

You can also rotate the view by moving the analog stick on your controller to the sides, or touching the sides of the trackpad.


Teleport mode enables you to point to a position and jump to it with a single flick of the trigger.

Set one of the controllers in Teleport mode. Now you see a grid that indicates the “ground” and an arched beam with a circle at the end. This shows the destination that you can teleport to. Aim at a location and flick the trigger button to teleport. This will transport you to that location, while maintaining the view direction.

In some cases that will mean that you face away from the object you want to see. if you hold the trigger button when you have decided where you want to “land”, the location becomes fixed and an arrow will appear in the circle, indicating the direction you will face when teleported. Move the controller, while still holding the trigger button to change the direction. Release the trigger to finalize the teleport.

Jump to camera

Select Camera enables you to jump to the position of any camera included in the scene.

Set one of the controllers to Select Camera. Now you will see the location of the all the cameras in the scene. Aim at a camera and flick the trigger. The beam will always snap to the nearest camera position.

You can also select a camera from the desktop UI eg. if you want to guide the user wearing the headset to a specific view.

Selecting a camera also impacts the ground level of the Teleport tool. When you have jumped to a camera, the ground level is aligned with the first object below the camera. This way, you can create several ground levels, and switch between them by jumping to the cameras (for architectural scenes with multiple floors, for example).