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Making NVIDIA the preferred graphics card for KeyVR

Some PCs have several graphics cards - most noticeably, laptops with both an integrated and a dedicated GPU.

A dedicated NVIDIA GPU can be made the preferred graphics card for KeyVR as follows:

  • Right-click the Desktop and select NVIDIA Control PanelDisplay Settings.

  • Select Manage 3D settings.

  • Select the Program Settings tab.

  • Select KeyVR from the drop-down.

    If KeyVR is not available in the drop-down, Click Add and point to

    Scroll to the bottom and click on Graphic Settings.

  • Click Browse, find the KeyVR.exe and click Add.

  • Select your NVIDIA graphics card under Preferred graphics processor.Click Apply and restart KeyVRKeyVR from the list and click on Options.

  • Select High Performance and click Save.

Improving performance with AMD graphics cards

AMD graphics cards will by default match the FPS of the monitor, which may force the headset to run at a lower FPS than desirable. To make the graphics card match the headset’s maximum FPS or exceed it:

  • Right-click on desktop and select the AMD Radeon Settings

  • Go to the "Gaming" Tab

  • Click "Add" in the upper right corner

  • Browse to the KeyVR installation folder and ad the KeyVR.exe - Usually located at in one of the following locations:

    • C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\KeyVR\bin\KeyVR.exe

    • C:\Program Files\KeyVR\bin\KeyVR.exe

  • After adding the applications Profile in the AMD Radon Settings, edit the KeyVR Profile

  • Set "Wait For vertical Refresh" to "Always Off"

  • Restart KeyVR