Changing environment

The Environment or environments that your scene is set up with can also be adjusted in KeyVR.

Switch Environment

Cycle through environments by pressing the trigger. You can also press and hold the trigger to show  all available environments in a grid layout. Move the controller and release the trigger to select the highlighted environment.

Rotate the environment

When one of the controllers are in Move object mode you can also rotate the environment (providing it is unlocked) Simply point the controller anywhere else than to an object, press and hold the trigger and move the controller to rotate the environment. Release the trigger when you are done.

XR mode

If your HMD is supported, you can also choose to replace the KeyShot environment with real-time imagery, so you see the objects in the scene in your current surroundings.

XR mode is activated in the Desktop UI.

Mirror view of KeyVR in XR mode

Here you see the mirror view of KeyVR in XR mode.

XR mode supports Valve Index, Varjo XR product line and NVIDIA’s CloudXR on mobile devices