Subscription License


Activate subscription license

To activate KeyVR with a subscription license, you need to be online.

  1. Launch KeyVR

  2. In the Registration dialog select Activate my license and press Next.

  3. Select I have a subscription and press Next.

  4. Enter your KeyShot Cloud username and password, select if you want to stay logged in on this computer and press Next.

  5. Now you are logged in and can start using KeyVR.

Stay logged in

As mentioned above you can select for KeyVR to remember you. This way you will not encounter the login dialog every time you launch KeyVR. You can always log out via File > Log out and exit, which will clear the selection and next time KeyVR is launched, it will require login - or that the user selects to activate a different type of license.

License information

You can find information about the active subscription license in Help > License information. This also holds a link to your account page on where you can manage your subscription.